I was born and raised in a small town called Jamestown, in the  Eastern Cape province of South Africa. The town is so small that very few people know about it and those who do often make jokes about how small, dry and boring it is. Looking from the outside in, it does seem very boring, but to the people who have lived there, it is anything but boring. The town has very little to offer; there are no banks, no franchise shops (we don’t even have PEP store), no taxis (of course you can walk everywhere) and no decent nightclubs.

I come from a family of 6; I have four brothers; two older ones (33 and 30), and two younger ones (22 and 12).

I attended Phahameng Primary School and Phambili Mzontsundu Senior Secondary School both of which are in Jamestown. Well… these are the only two schools you will find in Jamestown. After high School I went to Nelson Mandela Metropolitan University where I enrolled for a Bachelor of Law degree, I quit after a year because let’s face it, law and Creatives just don’t mix. In my second year, I enrolled for a BA media, communications and culture degree majoring in public relations. I also don’t see myself in public relations, though… perhaps more in graphic design and advertising which, unfortunately, I only took as modules and not majors, oh well. When I finished my degree, I opted to continue studying and pursued an honours degree in corporate communication then later a master’s degree in media studies… then I decided to drop out (feel free to judge me).

In 2016 I got my first job; not to say I have never worked before that but it was my first full-time job and quite an eye opener. At first, I was happy and excited then soon felt like my brain was becoming a bit dull, there was a lot of work yes but nothing that mentally challenged me and not a lot of room to express my creativity (because of strict corporate identity rules), that made me a bit unhappy. It was during this time that I decided I need to find a way or something to channel my creativity towards; round about this period I met someone who showed me just what that this was and it was travel. I started reading a lot of travel blogs and began to travel around South Africa and fell in love with every destination. On one of my many long nights of reading travel blogs I decided to go beyond South Africa, and 2017 was the year.

2017 began with me deciding to resign at the end of Jan, pack up my things and embark on an adventure to explore what the world has to offer.